Civil&industrial constructions

Our company performs works in the field of Civil Engineering. The company’s portfolio contains various categories of construction, office buildings, industrial buildings, residential, family houses, facades, a.s.o. Apart works performed as general contractors, our company has executed various construction works, like interior finishes, exterior finishes, insulation systems, decorative plasters, mechanized plasters, facades a.s.o.

Resistance Structures

The resistance structure of the building is the part of the construction which ensures strength and stability. The role of the resistance structure is to take the loads from self weight, external and internal loads and forward them to the foundation and foundation soil.

Our company is executing the most common types of resistance structures, like:

  • structures of reinforced concrete frames and diaphragms
  • self bearing masonry structures with conrete wreath beams and columns
  • metallic structures
  • mixed metal and reinforced concrete structures
  • wooden structures

Architectural Works

Within architectural works we execute the following works with qualified workers: brick masonry, BCA masonry, semi-dry concrete screeds with polished surface, brush waterproofing, bituminous, PVC and rubber waterproofing membranes, roofs covered with tiles, bituminous shingle sheets, painted metal sheets, copper, titanium-zinc, ventilated facades, PVC, aluminium and wooden windows and doors.


Facade Insulation Systems

Thermal insulation systems are used in the construction of approximately 40 years, and are used for the thermal insulation of external walls of buildings. Materials used for thermal insulation are expanded or extruded polystyrene, mineral wool. By making the thermal insulation system, heating costs are reduced up to 30%. Systems used and promoted by our company are "Baumit STAR, PRO and OPEN insulated facade systems". We also commercialize other materials and systems from different manufacturers, such as Porozell Hirsch polystyrene, Austrotherm polystyrene, respectively Rockwool mineral stone wool.

The advantages of these systems are:

  • elimination of thermal bridges
  • are systems with European Technical Approval (ETA)
  • reduced heating costs
  • large variety of structures and colors

Decorative Plasters

Decorative plasters are based on acrylic resins, silicone resins, potassium silicate, lime-cement. The application of these decorative coatings can be realized on termosistem, lime-cement based exterior plasters, cement, concrete, mineral substrates, old layers of paint and mineral plasters depending on the chosen decorative plasters. Decorative plaster structure may be more pronounced or finer depending on its granularity.

The advantages of decorative plasters are:

  • special aspect
  • special grip
  • it is easy to apply, including insulation systems, for example polystyrene
  • product is available in hundreds of colors
  • impermeable, hard, mat
  • resistance to physical and environmental factors
  • organic, nontoxic, non iflammable
  • the product is locally prepared, in the requested color and granularity
  • material losses are minimal, because during application paste does not remain on the trowel

Mechanized Render Systems

Mechanized renders are divided into two major categories: internal and external renders. Rendering materials are composed of lime-cement,cement and gypsum. The application of these renders is done with mechanized rendering machines.

The advantages of mechanized renders are:

  • increased productivity
  • material consumption reduced by 30%
  • much better finishing quality compared to the hand made renders
  • fast execution
  • no need for tempered levelling putty

Our company uses the mechanized render systems from Baumit.


Drywall Construction, Partition Walls and Ceilings

Our specialized teams in drywall construction, can make various structures of drywall, partition walls, drywall suspended ceilings, soffits, different types and shapes of covering mask. The company executes normal coffered ceiling, which can also be fire resistent, moisture and phono insulated.


Granite, Travertine, Parquet and Ceramic Tile

Our company performs the following plating works:

  • ceramic tiles
  • natural stone
  • composite materials
  • artificial stone

We offer the adhesives from our suppliers and give advice on their choice depending on the substrate and the type of material used for tiling.


Plaster, Paint, Wallpaper mounting

Our teams of painters performs works of plastering, painting and installation of vinyl wallpaper, fiberglass wallpaper and sound-absorbing wallpaper.


Exterior Design

As a diversification of the above activities, the company also offers the following type of exterior design:

  • ballast substaret layers, crushed stone, stabilized ballast
  • precast concrete paving slabs
  • cobblestone pavement
  • pavement with stone blocks
  • asphalted roads, walkways and platforms
  • landscaping
“The road to success is always under construction.” – Lily Tomlin