Revitalization of the Firefighter’s Tower, Str. Tipografiei Nr.17 – Cluj Napoca

The Firefighter’s Tower is listed in the National list of historical monuments under the number CJ-II-a-A-07242 . At it’s beginnings it was called the Tower of the weavers, and it was part of the second medieval fortified enclosure of the city.

At the end of the XVI-th century, the first written information arise, regarding the fire surveillance function of this building, according to a city council decision from the 10th of May, in 1585.

After a devastating fire in 1876, which affected also the tower, there were plans to demolish the remains of the building, but finally the decision was to renovate and rise it, these works being finished in 1883. The tower suffered new interventions also in 1958 and 1985.

The desired outcome of the actual project is to revitalize this monument building, to reintroduce it into the turistical circuit of the city, and open it to the public for permanent and temporary cultural events. The new function is a belvedere tower. The tower will hopefully become an attraction point to the public and to the turists, due to the belvedere sights from the top floor. It will also accomodate different small sized exhibitions.

The main proposed interventions are:

Structural interventions: demolition, metal consolidations, repairs on the XIXth century masonry, execution of an elevator shaft, metalic structure of the roof
Architectural interventions: sheet metal covers, exterior plastering with sanitation mortars, interior and exterior paintings, laminated wood joinery, gate reconditioning, waterrproofing, painting of metal elements, perforated stainless steel staircase, panoramic 5 station elevator

The duration of works is 8 months

General designer: Vlad Sebastian Rusu – BIA – Cluj-Napoca


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