Rehabilitation of the Reformed Church Kogalniceanu Street – Cluj-Napoca

The Church and the former Franciscan monastery are considered by some of the specialists, the biggest and most beautiful cult building raised by the Franciscans in Transylvania. It was erected between 1486-1503, and is listed in the National list of historical monuments under the number (CJ-II-m-A-07380).

It is a church with a single nave, with the choir as the extension of the nave. The choir is linked to the southern porch of the cloister and the tower, which represents the south-western corner of the rectangular courtyard of the monastery. In the northern part the tower stairs have a rectangular shape at the base and cylindrical above.

The main interventions performed by the Decorint Team are:
– Structural interventions: rehabilitation of the roof structure, consolidation and anchoring of the western tympanum in order to stabilize it, consolidation and remaking of the vaults above the nave and choir, repairs on the load-bearing masonry elements, changing the stairs of the tower
– Architectural interventions: repairing the stone floors, period plastering, interior painting, cleaning and repairs of the stone artistic elements, restauration of the murals, repairing the stone masonry joints, cleaning the stone façade, replacing the ceramic tiles envelope.
– Complete refurbishing of the electrical installations, implemented a new heating solution, using modern solutions embedded under the benches.
– Other important artistic elements of the church were restored with an extreme attention, as the stained glasses, the wooden joinery, the wood furniture, the collection of heraldry, the obituary collection – made of paper, textile and metal, the organ was completely restored and tuned under the guidance of swiss masters.

General designer: M&M DESIGN SRL – Cluj Napoca

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