Rehabilitation of a historical building on Iuliu Maniu street, no.3 – Cluj-Napoca

The set of buildings on Iuliu Maniu street no 1-3-5, named „The Roman-Catholic status palaces” built in 1902 are listed in the National list of historical monuments under the number CJ-II-m-A-07383.01, being part of the urban ensemble – The historical center of Cluj Napoca (CJ-II-a-A-07244).
This central part of the city is placed over the historical city, fenced by the medieval fortifications and thus is included in the protected archaeological area, within the roman precincts.

The building on no.3, Iuliu Maniu street is the property of the City hall and has a developed area of 2.536 sqm.
The Decorint team is performing restauration and rehabilitation works, both structural and architectural interventions, as follows:
– Rehabilitation of artistic components (stone elements, wrought iron railings, moulded mosaic elements, zinc sheet ornaments) – all being contemporary with the building itself
– Restoration of the stone staircase
– Plastering, painting
– Stucco profiles and ornaments
– Repairing the facades, changing the building envelope and the rainwater system
– Replacing the envelope of the two domes with titan-zinc sheet
– Thermal and sanitary installation works in the apartments, replacing all installations in the shared spaces, mounting of a new thermal power plant to serve the entire building
– Sanitizing the basement
– Rehabilitation of the inner courtyards, replacing the andesite pavement

The duration of works is 18 months

General designer: K&K STUDIO DE PROIECTARE SRL – Cluj Napoca

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