Rehabilitation of the Reformed Church – in Turda, Cluj county

The Reformed Church in Turda Veche (Old Turda), loaded with over 700 years of history (listed in the National Historical Monuments Listing CJ-II-m-A-07793) is one of the most important architectural monument of Cluj county.

The rehabilitation aimed both the interior and the exterior of the church. There were performed structural consolidations and architectural interventions.

Decorint Team executed a new drainage system, replaced entirely the rainwater system, the parasitic vegetation was removed, the stone elements were highlighted by cleaning them, the walls were rendered with a hydraulic lime plaster, all the electrical installations were replaced and a new heating solution was implemented.

In the interior of the church, the most important interventions were: the arch of triumph was unveiled and restored, in the attic was unveiled a renaissance mural painting, on the northern façade the fragments of fresco were highlighted, on the southern façade the stone framing of the entrance was completely unveiled, the Gothic portals were cleaned in order to improve their appearance, the stucco elements from the vaults were completely restored.

The reconstruction works were completed in 2021 February, and on the 22nd of April the official reception was held in a festive setting, with important guests.

General designer: M&M DESIGN SRL – Cluj Napoca

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