Rehabilitation of the Reformed Church – in Aiud, Alba county

The Reformed Church in Aiud is placed in the historical city centre, being a historical monument of a national value (AB-II-a-A-00172.02 – XII-XVI century), and is part of the citadel ensemble (AB-II-a-A-00172 – XIII-XVII century).

The objective of the investment aims the restauration of the church, in order to include it in the international tourist circuits. The intervention works refers to structural consolidation, architectural rehabilitation and modernization of the installations.

The Decorint Team has undergoing works consisting of repairs on the wooden structure of the roof, complete change of the envelope, structural consolidation on the soffit of vaults, complete repairs of the structural walls including injection, reweaving and wedging. Also, within the sacristy and in the tower, new metallic structure slabs will be executed with wooden flooring, in order to allow access of tourists to visit.

During the architectural rehabilitation we perform various works: in order to control dampness both in the interior and exterior of the church new rainwater collecting system was installed, finishing of the walls, ceilings, vaults, flooring, interventions on the artistic components.

The church is also subject to extensive installation works: the former gas heating was dismantled, and a new electrical heating system is installed under the benches, the entire electrical cabling is being replaced, interior and exterior architectural lighting is mounted, an intelligent building management system is installed for energy efficiency through lighting & heating control, new fire security systems and also sound & video projection systems are installed.

The restoration will be finished during 2021.

General designer: UTILITAS CCPDRPC SRL – Cluj Napoca

“The road to success is always under construction.” – Lily Tomlin