Rehabilitation – Faculty of Geography building – Cluj-Napoca

The building hosting today the Faculty of Geography was built in 1882 in the former Mikó Gardens.
After signing the contract with the Babes Bolyai University, the Decorint team started the construction works for rehabilitation of the building with a surface of 2.172 sqm.
The ongoing works consist of: removing all the prior inadequate interventions (with cement containing materials), the rehabilitation of the facades with original chalk-sand based plaster, replacing the wooden joinery (windows and main entrance doors), repairing the degraded wooden framing elements of the roof, changing the building envelope with new double-folded pre-patinated titan-zinc sheets, the rainwater system will be completely changed (gutters, downpipes).
All the artistic components will be restored, like the monumental main stone staircase, the stone cornice, the stucco on the facades and in the main hall, the wrought iron elements of the railing, etc.
Also, the internal sewerage will be replaced, and in the basement, we will execute drainage of the humidity by removing all the existing plasters and applying new sanitation plastering, executing slits around the walls and ventilation gaps.

The duration of works is 3 years.


“The road to success is always under construction.” – Lily Tomlin