Construction of Students Dormitory Moților street – U.S.A.M.V, Cluj-Napoca

The building is arranged on 6 levels, B + GF + 4S with a developed surface of 4,000 sqm. Structural works, electrical installations, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas, interior and exterior finishing works were done as General Contractor. Exterior works: precast concrete fence, paving yard and walkways, parking landscaping with grassy pavement slabs.
Fatada camin USAMV

USAMV Camin1

USAMV Camin2

usamv camin3

usamv Camin4

USAMV Camin5

USAMV Camin6

USAMV Camin7

USAMV Camin8

USAMV Camin9

USAMV Camin10

USAMV Camin11

usamv camin12
usamv camin13

USAMV camin14

USAMV camin15

USAMV camin16

USAMV camin17

USAMV camin18

USAMV camin19

USAMV camin20

USAMV camin21

USAMV camin22

USAMV camin23

USAMV camin24

USAMV camin25

USAMV camin26

USAMV camin27

USAMV camin28

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