Festivitate premiere Baumit Challenge Life 2016

We are glad that Decorint’s team professionalism is appreciated both nationally and at European level, Baumit declaring in competition “Façade Life Challenge 2016 – The European Facade of the Year”.

The dorm building is composed of 5 levels with a total developed surface of 2.000 sqm. This building will contain conference rooms, dining room, classrooms and after school studying rooms.

We also participate this year in the Baumit Life Challange 66 contest – European Facade of the Year at the “Restoring historic buildings” category, an international contest of finished facade projects carried out in several European countries, in which Baumit subsidiaries operates.

The contest organized by Baumit Romania – The facade of the year 2010 – we won the first prize at the “Rehabilitated Constructions” category with the Pavilion Germoplasma project.

“The facade of the year 2009” – we won the 3rd prize at the “New Homes” category with the” cu proiectul „Residential Complex on str. Trifoiului, Cluj Napoca” project.

“The road to success is always under construction.” – Lily Tomlin